Heading for the Clouds

Some gardens select themselves for projects such as this. Others, like Lawless Hill Cottage, have to be discovered.  Initially identified only by a line of cloud-pruned trees strung out along the horizon everything else about this garden was secret. The steep gradient rendered it invisible. Anonymous gates made it impenetrable. Even the absence of a letter box and a silent response to a practiced list of Google questions made it unapproachable. The result was a visit without expectations that was made all the made all the sweeter by the sophisitcation of the discovery.

The garden’s creator, Keith Meehan, plays to his strengths. He understands space, construction, project management and people and he assembled a team of skilled local craftsmen, and international experts and artists to  ‘build’ a three dimensional garden. The result is a mirror pool and swimming pond cantilevered from a rocky hillside and connected by a Japanese-style dry river garden supported on a battery of stone terraces. The construction philosophy was even extended to the planting as mature specimens were hoisted into position by crane. It is, therefore, fitting that this garden should owe its development to a planning officer who appreciated design and craftsmanship and wanted to see a twenty-first century legacy added to this historic Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.     Jane


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